Where to find an individual loan?

Looking through Newspapers or Internet pages, you can stumble on a lot of color ads, among them are these encouraging to take advantage of the credit service. This type of solution is ideal for emergencies or before buying an expedition for an unborn child or hedgehog who is starting school.

About borrowed moments is worth seeing a little more than just rumors from friends. First of all, the credit Agency is not a Bank, which means that it is not subject to the control of the financial supervision Commission, which in turn gives them the privilege to apply any interest rates and impose any commissions.

However, there is a lot of competition in the market, which will make it so that wanting to stop regular customers or attract new ones, agencies reduce the imposed costs to a minimum, sometimes even to zero. Before we choose a loan is to look for such an offer. Before signing the contract it is necessary to ask about other possible costs and penalties with delay in repayment of installments kredittkort 2019 gjeld.

Payments dealy of money

To be able to apply for additional funds, you must first be of age and have Polish citizenship, which confirms the passport and have a source of income. It does not matter the form of employment, that is, the execution of the contract, nor the amount of income. The very fact of the availability of future funds for debt repayment is important. We must take into account the fact that the amount you can borrow is not very large, enough for emergencies, and the repayment period for a long time cannot exceed one month.

Express Loans, loans without BIC, “service”, such calligraphy can be meet already literally everywhere, on the street, in the press, and on the Internet, in the form of advertising. Do we, however, understand what is hidden under these terms? All these terms refer to cash loans from non-banking institutions kredittkort 2019 gjeld.

What’s the meaning of that? This means only that these companies are not subject to inspection by the Financial Supervision Commission, which in turn may mean for the client significantly higher interest rates than in the Bank. This does not mean that they are completely illegal. The contract prepared for the customer must comply with the rules of the consumer credit Law. So as you see it’s a very interesting subject which we will try to describe in next posts.