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As a player, you know that investing in noteworthy equipment that allows you to fully indulge in passion while playing on a desktop computer is tantamount to arming patience. Because there are always priorities that primarily consume your home budget. Therefore, most likely, you are looking for it for products that for less money can offer a pretty pleasant comfort Pc komplett set.

Certainly, the category of available goods is one of the representative rodent marked G300S issued by company Logitech. Can the characteristics of this mouse contradict the statement that only high price is combined with good quality?

If the Logitech G300S mouse is for players?

The above model is presented by the manufacturer as a gaming equipment. So I decided to check if the password is reflected on the package actually.

First impression after taking G300S in hand was pretty amazing, because the rodent does not apply to the largest. Of course, you share the opinion that one of the important parameters of a good mouse for players is how it fits in the palm of your hand. Ideally, when the hardware gives the impression of almost extending the hand. At G300S this state, although not a little, but it is certainly a positive surprise by its other advantages.

Logitech G300S

The Logitech product is very good, by the way, when it comes to the cooperation of the optical sensor with the surface of the fabric or tabletop. As I mentioned earlier, does not belong to the most expensive in the market, which, however, does not significantly affect the reduction of the extremely important level of accuracy in games. The effect on this is, of course, the ability to adjust the DPI value from 250 to 2500 (during the game), but also very good, sending themselves ślizgaczy and rubber inserts on the sides, increasing the confidence of the shank for both right-and left-handed players. I must, however, be noted that the Logitech G300S is better behaved when the DPI values are not more than 1,000. The higher in this parameter, the comfort of use proportionally decreased, which can be of great importance if you are an avid fan of all kinds of shootings Pc komplett set

The manufacturer also encourages the download of a free mouse functionality management program. Logitech Gaming Software is available on the company’s website and offers a number of interesting solutions. After you run it, you can, for example, activate the option to search for programs or games installed on your hardware to which predefined profiles will be offered. In addition to these important aspects for the player, you can also customize, for example the color of the led backlight on the sides of the mouse case can be adjusted a number of key combinations assigned to individual buttons (there are nine)