Flight tracking has become a part of our travelling life. Departure and arrival live time, an aircraft details with the attached sample picture, a map showing a given route – all on your device, just in your pocket. But it was not like this forever; this ease of information access is a part of technological development that had started way before the present day.

Whatever is available now in the field of flight tracking reaches back to the 19th century and a figure of Heinrich Hertz, a German scientist who came up with an idea of radio waves being read and reflected. His work contributed to a development of RADAR system (Radio Detection Ranging) that is based on an object detection process tipps für langstreckenflüge.

This method was initially used as a strategic form of defense by military; after the wars it assisted in landing when a visibility was limited. After 1970s, when a satellite technology came into play, it became possible for aircrafts to have their own transmitters which would provide more and more detailed and accurate information.

Nowadays, flight tracking is used to track commercial flights – searching either by a number, a destination, a location, etc. One can also access past flights (depends on a tracker how much far back we can access its database) and see their detailed information.

As one can imagine, there are multiple trackers available on the market – most of them is accessible on your device, be it a phone or a tablet, via an attractive and easy-to-use app. You can see whether your mum has already landed and if it is time to go and pick her up from the airport – tipps für langstreckenflüge.

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